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How It Works

The Process of how Lyricalmind helps artists grow

Step 1


After placing your order, one of our team members will review your song. They will evaluate its quality, genre, and overall suitability for our playlist network. If we find that we cannot work with your track for any reason, you will receive an immediate refund for your campaign. Additionally, we will provide feedback on your music

Step 2


If your song is good to go, we start the pitching process. Your personal campaign manager will pitch your song to our network’s playlist curators, which typically takes up to 5 business days. We carefully match the genre of your song with the right playlists to increase the likelihood of gaining fans and triggering the algorithm.

Step 3


Once enough playlist curators have approved your song for placement, your campaign manager will notify you. This marks the completion of your campaign’s full reach. You will receive a campaign summary email, which outlines every playlist your song has been added to. This allows you to easily track and monitor the progress of your campaign. Within Spotify for Artists, you’ll have the ability to fully analyze the results of your campaign.

Organic Growth

How we verify our playlists

Every playlist curator we collaborate with undergoes a thorough vetting process. Here’s exactly how we ensure that all the playlists in our network are 100% legitimate and organically grown.

1. Playlist Growth

First, we examine the growth pattern of a playlist. We use software like IsItAGoodPlaylist and Artist.Tools for tracking. If a playlist shows big spikes and drops in growth, it’s likely botted. Real playlists usually show a consistent, straight growth over time.

2. Listener Location

Second, we examine the geographical locations of the listeners on each playlist. Certain cities are notorious for being the base of bot-software. For instance, Helsinki, New York, and Buffalo are some well-known ‘bot-cities’.

3. Profile Follower Ratio

Lastly, we assess the ratio of Spotify profile followers to playlist followers. A curator with numerous large playlists but only a few profile followers raises immediate suspicion. Typically, curators with authentic playlists have a substantial number of profile followers if their playlists also have a large following.




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