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Create a fan base that's all yours, completely 👥

Manage and own a playlist with thousands of engaged fans, promoting several songs simultaneously, in your own way.

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Rather than working on promoting your playlist and spending hundreds trying to discover growth strategies, leave it to us – it’s our specialty.

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Leverage your playlist to make hundreds of dollars per month. We’ll guide you on how to legitimately earn from your playlists, following Spotify’s terms of service.


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How does LyricalMind work?

LyricalMind serves as a direct bridge between artists and playlist curators. Through our extensive network of verified playlist curators, we actively promote your music by pitching it to these curators for potential playlist placement. Each curator carefully evaluates your song and decides if it aligns with their playlist’s theme and target audience. We persistently pitch your music until we secure enough playlist placements to ensure maximum coverage and exposure for your chosen campaign.

Are playlist placements guaranteed?

Absolutely! We take pride in our ability to deliver results. Therefore, we guarantee playlist placements for your music. If, for any reason, we determine that we cannot successfully promote your song and secure playlist placements, you will be granted a full refund.

How do I know you don’t use fake/botted playlists?

We’re committed to genuine, organic promotion. To ensure the authenticity of our playlists, we utilize trusted online data tools, including ChartMetric and IsItAGoodPlaylist, to verify our network. Our curators integrate songs from our catalog into their playlists, allowing us to closely monitor engagement and streaming patterns to confirm the activity is organic. Rest assured, our rigorous verification process guarantees that you receive streams from real listeners, not bots.

What sets LyricalMind apart from other promotion services?

We understand the importance of reaching your ideal target audience to maximize your impact within the Spotify algorithm. Through carefully selected playlists tailored to specific genres, we ensure that your music reaches the listeners who are most likely to connect with it. Unlike other services that place your song in generic playlists like “Radio Hits” or “Top Hits” with a mix of unrelated genres, we focus on quality audience targeting. These generic playlists often result in high song skip rates, which can negatively affect your algorithmic data and potential on Spotify.

By avoiding such playlists and emphasizing genre-specific ones, we increase your chances of capturing the attention of listeners who are more inclined to engage with your music. This, in turn, improves your algorithmic performance and creates more opportunities for organic growth.

Am I guaranteed a range or specific amount of streams?

No, we cannot make specific promises regarding the number of streams, followers, or likes you will receive through our service. Each campaign is unique and organic, and the outcomes can vary based on several factors. These factors include your song’s position within playlists, the skip rate of your song, and the overall engagement of the playlist(s) where your song has been included.

However, we do guarantee that your song will be placed in genre-targeted playlists that have been carefully verified for legitimacy and engagement. This ensures that your music reaches the right audience, increasing the potential for organic growth and engagement. While we cannot predict exact numbers, you will likely notice a positive impact and organic growth for your song as a result of our promotion efforts.

How can I track the progress of my promotion campaign?

Once you place an order, we will promptly confirm your campaign. Within 1 to 5 days, you will receive a summary email detailing the specific playlists to which your song has been added.

Grow your music the right way

Land your music on verified Spotify playlists and connect with fans around the world.

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